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Getting perspective has never been so easy.


My cousin recently had twins, and he’ll probably have a lot more to add to this but it seems like there’s a certain link to twins something that really appreciates and encourages the other. I have rarely seen the evil twin lived out in real life, only soap operas seem to have that third dimension to what seems like a really neat phenomenon in nature. Two coming from one womb is something we look for even in double yolk eggs, a phenomenon that happens much more often than one might think. (Check this article on double yolker eggs)

Here’s to breaking all odds and becoming something special!

That is what we’re hoping to do with Geminidom offer a great amount of perspective, since two heads are better than one, and still give you some great links to good services on the web. If you’re interested in finding out new things and getting to experience a brand new form of marketing then this just might be a fun site for you to bookmark. Keep checking in for twice the fun and two times the videos. Here’s a strange musical choice on Castor and Pollux with some unusual instrumental compliments.

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