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Online shopping tips for using fabric for home decoration

Home decoration is a great way to add our personalities into the space we live in. Often, this involves investing in expensive paints, décor items and even paying interior designers. It, however, does not have to always be this hard and expensive. A good option is to use fabric for home decoration. You can do this yourself and the fabrics are available at a much cheaper price than other decoration means.

Why use fabric? There are many designs and materials that you can find which makes it a diverse option. Whether you love floral patterns, squares or just plain fabric you will find it. Use fabric of choice to transform space into a vintage or modern look, romantic or a finished feel among other effects. The installation process is very simple and takes a short time to accomplish.

When you decide to carry our home decoration with fabric, here are a few tips that you will find useful.

Ensure Enough Natural Light Gets in Through the Windows

The windows are placed in the house for a reason and that is to let in natural light. Weighty window dressing must be balanced with an open-wave mesh or diaphanous sheer. This will enable the window to draw in lots of light. Another way to ensure enough light gets in and to attain a better look, place the curtain rod near the ceiling. This way the room will have more height and dimension. It will even look larger.

Bring nature indoors

Nature lovers can bring the outdoors indoors without the tedious work of taking care of plants. Simply find fabrics that have natural colors and even floral patterns and you will have a home that feels like the outdoors. Floral fabrics can be used on walls, chairs and even making throw

Use Muslin to Bring Some Romance Into the Bedroom

Muslin is cheap and sets just the perfect romantic environment. Simply twist and wrap it around the curtain rod and let the rest drape to the floor. This will reduce the direct light making the atmosphere calming and romantic. You will have the perfect bedroom.

Mix patterns correctly

You may decide to use the same pattern in a room and it will look great. For those who prefer to break monotony by using different patterns, ensure that you get the matching right. A guideline that never fails is the 60 to 30 to 10 rule. The primary fabric (preferably a solid pattern) should cover 60% of the space and then cover 30% of the space with striped patterns and then the remaining 10% can be covered with small or medium patterns. With this
method your room will look organized and the design, well-thought.

Add color without having to repaint your walls

Color is good and popping colors improve mood. Use brightly colored fabric to decorate the walls and get an instant pop. There is no need to keep repainting every time you want something different. Simply get fabric that is the color you want and install it. This idea is especially great for people whose interests change from time to time. When you are bored with a color just replace with a fabric of the color you are into currently.

Create Layered table covers

Do not just have the same table cloth in your home as the one your grandma used. Use quilts and laces to make layered table covers. It will look awesome and modern thanks to the sophisticated design.

Revamp your lighting

This is yet another great way to use fabrics to make your bedroom a better place. Use fabric with patterns similar to your pillows to make a new cover for your bedside lamp. This can also work in the study and living rooms.

Introduce embroidered details to pillows

Pillows and throws add comfort to a sitting and sleeping area. Use The Batik Boutique for fabric colors that match the theme of the room to cover the pillows. Embroidered details will make the pillows look even better. Other than the usual square shaped pillows, try adding pillows that have different shapes such as stars, circular, and diamond shape.

Fabric can transform any house into a spectacular and homely place. They can be used for home decoration on different parts of the house. Try using this decorating method and you will love your new home.

Tips to Find Affordable Guest House

Everyone need a nice comfortable and affordable guest house with many facilities, to spend tremendous holidays at one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Staying in a guest house offers you the advantage of getting a comfortable accommodation at a fraction of what you would have spent in a hotel. You will also get the convenience of staying in a home away from home.


Affordable Hotel Accommodation The present-day financial downturn has made it extremely difficult for tourists and people going on a holiday to afford the high cost of accommodation. In most holiday budgets, the cost of accommodation forms a bulk of the expenses, but staying in hotels will lessen this burden considerably and allow you to utilize your money for other purposes.

Strategic Location and Homely Comforts
Apart from the cost advantage, Gemini dom hotels afford great conveniences because they are located strategically and centrally near the places of tourist attraction and public transportation. The salient feature of Gemini dom guesthouse is that they are private apartments in which you can get all the comforts that you are accustomed to. The rooms are beautiful, comfortable, and equipped with all modern amenities for your conveniences.

Friendly Environment
Gemini dome guesthouse is ideal for people on vacation and for travelers irrespective of whether you wish to stay for a short or a long duration. The people who work in the cheap Geminidom guesthouse are friendly, and they ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled. You are treated as if you are a member of their family and in a few days you will develop friendly relations with them. You can get great tips from them regarding the places of interest that you can visit and the places that you should avoid. You will also get advice regarding which local restaurants and bars would give you value for your money.

Staying in a Gemini dom hotel will give you privacy as well as the comforts of a small rooms hotel. When you return to the hotel after a long day of sightseeing, you will be tired and would certainly like to relax in peace. These hotels provide all such conveniences so that you feel at home without having to endure any noise or commotion that is present in most hotels.

Your stay in a Gemini dom guesthouse will provide you with memorable experiences that you will cherish for a long time and you will long to come back year after year.

Hence, you can find an affordable yet comfortable living facility if you conduct a good research. Gemini dom is flooded with all types of living facilities from cheap, budgeted ones to high-end hotels. So, it is your choice and budget to decide an accommodation facility for both leisure and corporate tour. Also, you can book online room in advance for avoiding inconvenience by visiting website.