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Getting perspective has never been so easy.

Geronimo with Geminidom

Welcome to the best of both worlds. We’re offering a twin perspective from the land of the twins. Not offering horoscopes here but it’s scary how much info you’ll get regarding awesome sites. We’ll be posting content comparing services in your region hoping that you’ll find local service providers for everything from binders to insurance to destination travel and pest control. These are just a few of the services we intend to compare here and hope you’ll find a reason to check our blog posts regularly to find the best views on the best products on the web today.

You might consider us the Geronimo of the web offering the unyielding courage that leads to tales of invincible acts against the odds. We’re Geminidom the place for twin perspectives, for struggling with the man and finding success in your battles. Rome wasn’t founded without a struggle and it certainly didn’t come about in the span of twenty four hours but you’ll find all kinds of information at your fingertips in a twenty four hour period if you check out our site. Here’s to some great content and some borrowed clips. For now lets start with this cool song posted on Youtube for a song called Geronimo by Sheppard:


Or you may just want to read up on the twins from the twin constellation after which we’ve named our site. Enjoy Geronimo and read up on Gemini-dom – what it means to be a twin. Horsemanship, eggs and swans all await as you consider the life of Castor and Pollux.